职位名称:Wash Technician
发布日期: 2018-03-17 工作地点: 国外
招聘人数: 1 学 历: 大专
工作年限: 5-7年
外语要求: 英语

【Please Note】VF Asia Limited is recruiting for a Wash Technician specialized in jeanswear. The job location will be in Egypt.

Key Purpose of the Job:

  • Create working wash standards for the stake holders correctly.
  • Evaluate and standardize the laundries to perform VF standard on wash products.
  • Ensure the wash production quality meets the customer requirements.

Key Area of Responsibility:

  • Evaluate the washing standards before distribution.
  • Wash approvals in correct quality and timely.
  • Laundry evaluations, making reports and upgrade them as per VF standards and SOPs.
  • Data entry and make reports and analyze for decision making.
  • Upgrade the technical and working projects and present those to stakeholder’s timely manner.
  • Train the new comers to bring up VF wash tech standard in time.
  • Communication through relevant media and make conclusion in timely manner.

Major Challenge:

  • Maintain and produce consistency on bulk wash product as per customer demands.
  • Managing the time on daily working aspects to maintain the VF quality level on product.
  • Training and educating the fresher and washing technicians in laundries according to VF Standards.

Competency Requirements:

  • Minimum Relevant Experience: 5 years
  • Minimum Academic Requirement: Degree or Diploma Textile /Chemical
  • Fluent in both written and oral English.
  • Hands on experience in washing technical aspects.
  • Computer skills in words/excel etc.

Travel Requirement:

  • Need to travel within and out of country depending on work demands.


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